ZM Series

Optex FA
Excelente resistencia al agua y aceite

Cuenta con un emisor LED de 4 elementos de bajo deterioro

Grado de protección IP69K para salida a cable e IP67g para salida a conector

Usa Polyphenylsulfone resin para darle mejor protección al aceite en el emisor/receptor y en la cubierta superior


Model Through-beam Retro-reflective Diffuse-reflective
Cable type NPN ZT-M3000N ZR-M550N ZD-M80N
PNP ZT-M3000P ZR-M550P ZD-M80P
M8 connector type NPN ZT-M3000CN4 ZR-M550CN4 ZD-M80CN4
PNP ZT-M3000CP4 ZR-M550CP4 ZD-M80CP4
M8 (3-pin) connector type NPN ZT-M3000CN3 ZR-M550CN3 ZD-M80CN3
PNP ZT-M3000CP3 ZR-M550CP3 ZD-M80CP3
M12 connector type NPN ZT-M3000N-M12 ZR-M550N-M12 ZD-M80N-M12
PNP ZT-M3000P-M12 ZR-M550P-M12 ZD-M80P-M12
Supply voltage DC10?30V Inc. 10% ripple
LED Indicator Output : orange, Stable : green
Power consumption Emittor : 15mA max. 18mA max.
Receiver : 15mA max.  
Sensing distance 30m 0.01 - 5.5m (*1) 0 - 800mm (*2)
Adjustable distance -
Spot size φ1200mm at 30m φ300mm at 5.5m φ40mm at 800mm
Response time 500μs
Hysteresis - 20% Max
Ambient temp .25 to ?55 ?
Ambient humidity 35 to 85%
Vibration resistance 10?55Hz double amplitude1.5mm X,Y,Z 2hours
Shock resistance Approximately 100 G (1000 m/s2), 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
Protection category IEC ?IP67?DIN ?IP69K IEC ?IP67?DIN ?IP69K
Reflector is IP67
Light source 4 element red LED
Indicator Red LED: output, Green LED: stable,
Emitter of thru-beam type doesn’t have in dicator
Sensitivity adjustment 1 turn potentio meter
Operation mode Light ON/Dark ON selectable by switch
Control output NPN (PNP) Open collector, Max.100mA/DC30V
Cable Cable length: 2m, φ4
Conformity CE?Feilen Level 3
Environmental illuminance Sunlight: 10,000 lux max. Incandescent lamp: 3,000 lux max.
Material Housing: SUS316L Housing: SUS316L Housing: SUS316L
Top cover: PES Top cover: PES Top cover: PES
Lens: PPSU Lens: PMMA Lens: PPSU
Switch, Pot: PEEK Switch, Pot: PEEK Switch, Pot: PEEK
Cable: PVC Cable: PVC Cable: PVC
Gasket: FKM Gasket: FKM Gasket: FKM
Accessory Mounting bracket:BEF-W100B Mounting bracket:BEF-W100B
Reflector: V-61
Mounting bracket:BEF-W100B

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