J Series

Optex FA

Al estar la carcasa del sensor rellena de epoxi proporciona índice IP67G contra el agua.
100G de resistencia a los golpes.
Conector M8 y salida a cable disponible para todos los modelos.


Model Thru-beam Retro-Reflection Diffuse Reflection Limited range (convergent) Wide angle (divergent)
Cable type NPN JT-H(S)1000N(R) JR-H(S)300N JD-H(S)R80N JD-H(S)L03N JD-H(S)W08N
PNP JT-H(S)1000P(R) JR-H(S)300P JD-H(S)R80P JD-H(S)L03P JD-H(S)W08P
Connector type NPN JT-H(S)1000CN(R) JR-H(S)300CN JD-H(S)R80CN JD-H(S)L03CN JD-H(S)W08CN
Sensing distance
3m 80cm 2-5cm 8cm
Response time 0.5msec Max
Operation mode Light on / Dark on selectable
Hysteresis NIL 20% Max
Light source Red LED / Infrared Red LED
Control output NPN or PNP Open collector, 100mA Max / 30V DC
Supply voltage DC 10 to 30V including 10% of ripple
Conformity JIS / C4525, CE, UL
Power consumption Emitter?20mA, Receiver 15mA 20mA Max
Sensitivity adjustment 2-turn Potentiometer
Indicator 2 indicator, Output (Orange), Stable (Green)
Protection category IEC 144 IP67, JEM IP67g
Shock resistance Approximately 100 G (1000 m/s2), 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
Environmental illuminance Sunlight : 10,000 lux Max, Incandescent lamp : 3,000 lux Max.
Material PBT (Case), PC (Lens)

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