Y Series

Optex FA

De larga distancia de hasta 30 m en los modelos barrera (thru-beam)
Diversos tipos de sensor incluyendo BGS y detección de objetos Transparentes.
Montaje frontal con rosca M18
Estable para detección de plástico o vidrio. Los BGS no son influenciados por el color y textura del objeto y pueden ignorar cambios en el fondo.

(NPN / PNP different model) Thru-Beam Diffuse reflective Polarized
Retro - Glass Convergent Beam
reg ular focus
2 meter (approx. 78 inch) cable YT-1180N / P YD-15N / P YR-140N / P YR-Q39N / P YD-L2N / P
M8 QD YT-1180CN / CP YD-15CN / 15CP YR-140CN / CP YR-Q39CN / CP YD-L2CN / CP
M12 pig-tail YT-1180N-M12 / P-M12 YD-15N-M12 / P-M12 YR-140N-M12 / P-M12 YR-Q39N-M12 / P-M12 YD-L2N-M12 / P-M12
Sensing distance 30m (1180 inch) 0.4m (15.7 inch) 3.5m (140 inch)
V-61 reflector
1m (39.3 inch)
P45A reflector
43mm (1.7 inch)
Light source Red LED (visible)
Hysteresis N/A N/A N/A N/A 10% max
Response time 0.5msec
LED Indicator 3 Indicators (green indicator only :Emitter of YT-1180) Yellow: output Green: stable Red: alarm - overload
Operation mode Light ON and Dark ON outputs provided
Sensitivity adjustment 1turn potentiometer
Control output NPN or PNP open collector, 100mA max. / 30VDC
Environmental illuminance Sunlight : 10,000 lux, Incandescent lamp : 3,000 lux max
Ambient temp / humidity -25? to 55? / 35 to 85% RH
Storage temp / humidity -40? to 70? / 35 to 90 % RH
Supply voltage 10 - 30VDC incl. 10% ripple
Current consumption emitter : 15mA max.
receiver : 20mA max.
Conformity CE , JIS/C4525
Circuit protection Reverse polarity, transient voltages,Output overcurrent
Material ABS with 20% glass (case), PMMA (lens)
Vibration resistance 10 to 55 Hz; double amplitude 1.5 mm; 2 hours in each of the X,Y, and Z directions
Shock resistance Approximately 100 G (1000 m/s2), 3 times in each of the X, Y, and Z directions
Protection category IEC 144, IP67