Palm-tamaño de la visión del sensor.
Palm-tamaño de la visión del sensor. El diseño independiente contiene la cámara, la luz, y el controlador en conjunto. Ideal para clasificar y juzgar la pieza de trabajo a través de correspondencia de colores. 24 bits procesador de colores, lógicamente capaces de identificar 16.770.000 colores. Las luces exteriores adicionales y suplementarios están disponibles (OPDB sistema de iluminación de serie).

Model CVS1-N10-RA CVS1-N20-RA CVS1-N21-RA CVS1-N40-RA
Detection angle 10° 20° 40°
Working distance 210 to 270mm 90 to 150mm 31 to 39mm 50 to 100mm
Field of view 40 x 50mm to 55 x 65mm 40 x 50mm to 65 x 75mm 17 x 20mm (±10%) 50 x 65mm to 100 x 115mm
Light source White LED 12 pcs built-in
Image sensor 330,000 Pixel CMOS color image sensor
Supply Voltage 12 to 24V DC±10%
Power consumption Max. 120mA/24V DC
Resolution 8 x16 to 208 x 236
LED light duration Approx.50,000 hours (In normal temperature and humidity. Brightness level down by 1/2 of the initial level)
Response time 15ms to 36.3ms (Factory setting : 18.8ms
Output NPN or PNP open collector output x 2 (one of them is “Lower limit output”selectable by bank input #1) max.100mA Residual voltage 1.0V or less
Input Totally 4: Bank select 0-2, Bank select 3 (switchable to Sync input), Teach in (switchable to Bank select 3 or Lower limit output)
Operating temperature 0 to 40? (No condensation)
Operating humidity 35 to 85%RH
Storage temperature/humidity -20 to 70?,35 to 95%RH (No condensation)
Vibration/shock resistance 10 to 55Hz Amplitude 1.5mm/50G (500m/s2)
Material Case:ABS/Display and Lens : Acryl or Polycarbonate
Protection structure IP67
Weight Approx.200g (including cable)